Our Work

Businesses have a story to tell.  We want to help you tell it in the most relatable way possible. Through video.  With video, you can tell stories that engage senses, evoke emotions, and build relationships between your customers and your business, your brand, and your products and services. Let Chapter One Films help you find your voice.

FAQ Videos

Professionally film, edit, and produce a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) videos.

These are videos designed to educate and inform your potential clients while making you look like a credible expert at the same time.

Testimonial Videos

Professionally filmed and produced video featuring one of your clients or customers.

Testimonials are among the most powerful marketing tools available, and video testimonials are even more powerful

Brand Video

Professionally filmed and produced video highlighting your business and your service offerings.

Engage your customers by telling a story that they can relate to and connect with.

Story Film

Your business has a story – and our Chapter One Film will tell that story in a powerful and moving way.

We help you create your script, create in-depth voiceovers, and create a powerful cinematic arc.